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June 1, 2015 UPDATE

The end of 2014 brought forth the creative spark within me. As a prelude to relaunching my photography business, I dreamed  about the Naked Friend Project one night, after taking a walk with my good friend. Having formed over 1500 friendships through the social media site, Facebook, I began to question my relationship to those people. As a photographer, I had come in contact with many people that I had little personal reflection with on a long term basis. My favorite experiences, though, were always with those people that I knew personally, or somewhat intimately. For years, I have been called on by friends to shoot at weddings, births, pregnancies, special events and more intimate nude sessions. It seemed to me that people felt comfortable being naked in front of me or capturing intimate experiences, like birth. Reflecting on why that was, in combination with wanting to experience my Facebook friends on a more personal level, lead me to launch The Naked Friend Project in January of 2015. Nudity is not required to participate in The Naked Friend Project.

Since that initial explosion of unfiltered , ambitious artistic adventure, The Naked Friend Project has taken shape as an ongoing social documentary, through my photographs, interviews with “The Players” and writing about my experiences with each of them. There has been one goal... FUN, which I think is an honorable one. Making fun as my highest goal has set this project apart from traditional goals surrounding research and documentation. I write about each of the experiences I have with The Players in The NFP. I also ask each player, although not required, to write about their experience with the project. I have published several shorter versions of “The Experience” on both The Naked Friend Project website, www.nakedfriendproject.com and on my WordPress blog www.thenakedfriendprojet.com.

I want to be a PLAYER!!!!

The process of the The Naked Friend Project is as follows. Anyone of my friends on Facebook can participate. They must make contact with me through my website www.nakedfriendproject.com. After expressing interest in wanting to be a “Player” in The NFP, I respond to you with a personal thank you and also a standard reply that everyone receives. If you chose to continue, by agreement, then the next “game” we play is called “ The Interview”. A series of questions are asked of each player. If you chose to  continue playing the game, we move onto "The Session". This is the time where I photograph you, perhaps ask unscripted questions.  "The Experience" is the final game where I write about what I noticed during The Session.  Players are also welcome to write about their experience.

December 29, 2014 The Naked Friend Project was deliberately created with the goal of having fun and getting to know my friends better (especially those on Facebook). It is an artistic, sensual experience in progress and any rules you might have about what you will or won't do will most likely be broken. I know I have already broken many of my own and look forward to breaking some more. This is an all inclusive project. It will not by limited be gender, age, race, sexual preference and in some cases, the human race. Keep this in mind, as you chose your level of participation. I will address those Under the age of 18 ( and their elders) at a later time. NAKED... this can be interpreted in many ways. The first question of the project : What are you willing to bare? For now, I encourage you to stay present with this question. Updates will be posted on Facebook, so please take a moment to hit the LIKE button on The Naked Friend Project page. There are layers to this project. Some, I have not yet discovered. General start date for photography shoots will be in mid – late January. This is to facilitate web development and organize the hundreds of conceptual thoughts I am currently enjoying. If you have a specific question, I will gladly answer it. Email me : lucia.paxton@gmail.com With Pleasure,    Lucia Paxton Photographer Creator of The Naked Friend Project

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